Asian Pacific Community Fund

EarthShare California
Contact Person: Kerilyn Sato, Development Manager
Phone: (213) 624-6400, ext 7

The Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF) is a network of 62 community organizations serving over 2,570,000 people annually in a total of 34 Asian languages plus English and Spanish. As the only Asian and Pacific Islander community-based fund in Southern California, APCF is focused on providing culturally sensitive programs and services to meet the complex and diverse needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

Who We Serve

  • Our network of Nonprofit Organizations provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services to over 2,570,000 people in need every year in 34 Asian and Pacific Islander languages, in addition to English and Spanish.
  • While 68% of those served identify as API, we serve a diverse population that is reflective of our communities - with 15% Hispanic/Latino, 4% African American, 5% Caucasian, and 8% Other.
  • Over 78% of our Network’s clients are Low-Income
  • We serve children, youth, parents, families, seniors, undocumented community members, low-income, immigrants, and homeless individuals.

How We Serve

Many of our Network Agencies serve as one-stop centers that provide a multitude of services for the individual or family, due to language and cultural needs. Annually, these services include:

  • Afterschool Programs for Children & Youth.
  • Employment Services for Youth & Adults.
  • Healthcare Services to Children & Adults
  • Affordable Housing for Children & Families
  • Case Management & Counseling for Children & Adults
  • Parent Education & Training for Parents
  • Legal Services for Adults

Administrative Fee